Private and aloof, Arwyn is a rising star and one of the most decorated soldiers in Greydale. Along with Evan, the man she loves, she co-leads the Luminaires. The challenges she faces during her quests will threaten their romance, particularly as she grapples with the disappearance of her parents. She is gifted with exceptional eyesight.

Gavin, the mysterious Sage, seeks to lead the people of Greydale during this dangerous time. Outwardly, he maintains a calm demeanor, but fear and doubt eat away at him. Gifted with foresight, he knows his time is limited. If he is unable to conquer his inner turmoil, then the quests will fail, and the city will lose hope.

With his twin swords, Evan eagerly steps into the position left vacant by Stefen as a leader of the Luminaires. He now co-leads the efforts to reclaim the missing Crystals and rebuild the Temple. The young soldier’s impulsiveness proves both a strength and weakness throughout his missions. He is gifted with exceptional strength and stamina.

A former leader of the Luminaires, Stefen has fallen on hard times. With his brooding and fits of anger, the once celebrated hero has become a sideshow in Greydale. In his gloom, he becomes an easy target for the Enemy. Offered an alluring solution for his grief, Stefen is tempted by the suggestion that he betray his people.

Preston Morgan is an emerging author with a longstanding love of fantasy fiction and history. His recent novel, Winter Nova, combines elements from these genres in addition to addressing themes of personal adversity and self-discovery. A man of simple tastes, Preston enjoys movies, sports, and good food—particularly desserts of all kinds. He is a newcomer to social media and looks forward to cyber-chatting with readers. He has lived in New York since 2002.

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